Positive Changes an Automated Visitor Management System Will Bring to Your Office

Is your receptionist spending most of her time dealing with visitors to your office? Does she fall short of fulfilling her other responsibilities because she is preoccupied with the task of filling in the details of all the visitors? A receptionist juggling between her work and tending to visitors often leaves your guests grumbling for lack of attention. Many receptionists have more to offer if given the opportunity. If you want a more organized system while at the same time have a productive receptionist, introduce an automated visitor management system. The operations in your office will be seamless and visitors will be given optimum attention.

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In this article, David Smith discusses the impact an automated visitor management system will have on the operations in your office.

What you should expect from a visitor management system

“For every organization, having an effective visitor management system has become the biggest benefit factor. From ensuring the security of your organization to protecting it against legal issues, benefits of a visitor management system for a business are enormous. Essentially, a Visitor Management System is a digital version of a visitor record sheet.” Read more here

Should your company find itself on the wrong side of the law due to unwarranted allegations, having a reliable system to back your response is vital. A visitor can easily deny having signed on the sheet of paper, if you are using the manual system. It is also difficult to ascertain if the signature is authentic. However, an automated system will capture the visitor’s face and details. This information is saved and can be retrieved at any given time quite easily. You will not be forced to go through hundreds of sheets searching for one visitor out of the hundreds that come to your office.  

This article, by Abir Ahmed, discusses how small businesses can reduce their operation costs and improve their profits with the use of a visitor management system.

How visitor security will increase your revenue

“Small businesses around the world are always looking for cost effective ways to adopt technology. One of the growing technology small businesses are introducing to their system Visitor Management System. Businesses of any size attract visitors on their premises and with visitors come the burning question related to security.” Read more here

Once visitors to your business premises realize that you have taken precautions to secure your business, they will be comfortable enough to spend time with you until a sale is closed. Most visitors feel comfortable to transact with a company which puts their security first. Employees feel this way when a visitor management system is set up. They are more productive. Sales increase when everyone involved in the transaction process feels safe.

In this article found in blogs.ntu.edu.sg, the author discusses the different visitors that visit offices and the importance of having a record of every visitor.


Classification if visitors to audit the performance of a business

“On a daily basis, a typical building facility is faced with many visitors from all walks of life.
They could range from regular visitors, such as Internal staff, business associates, external VIP guest, 1st-time visitors who are coming into the company for a short-term purpose, such as a job interview.
Delivery personnel delivering an express parcel or food ordered by an employee during peak hour lunch time.” Read more here

It is essential for all companies to verify the purpose of every visit to the premises. Without this information, a business could easily assume that the visits will boost sales. However, this may not necessarily be true if 80% of those visits are private visits to members of staff and unofficial deliveries. This information will help companies determine which policies to change in order to adequately gauge the impact the business has on the community.

A visitor management system helps businesses to determine who walks into the business premises, how long they were in and the nature of the visit. These records are important for security reasons as well as to understand the productivity of the business. Sales can be equated to the number of paying visitors. The visitor management system can also be used as a backup, should anything go wrong. For example, arising disputes regarding deliveries. Visitor management systems have different benefits to offices and if used effectively, it could easily result in increased profits and reduced operating costs.